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In designsULTIMA design and the process of developing a web site is divided into 4 stages:
Before starting work on the computer we will take the time to understand your business, your customers and what they seek on the site.
Define the objectives, the language used, aesthetics, sections and how to present content. Upon completion of this first stage we will have some sketches of the site and many colored paper on the table
It's time to use creativity and work on the design of the site. Based on the results of the previous stage we prepare a detailed proposal will look like the site and I'll present for your approval.
This is the stage where we give life to the design and turn it into a functional website with sections, services and content defined.
With the prototype completed and published on a private web address poceder√° to test the site, correcting errors and adjusting the design, content and programming.
Once everything was tested several times and are confident in the quality of the site is published on the server and enabled him to receive visitors.
Also configure the mailbox and give the site high in major search engines.

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